Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Commons barracking shows Clegg is making an impact

Nick Robinson says that the extraordinary barracking of Nick Clegg at Prime Minister's Questions today shows that he (Clegg) is having an impact (Gurkhas, call for Speaker to resign etc.) and that the other parties know it

It was noticeable (from the Tweets) that the Speaker took longer than usual to bother to stop the barracking of Clegg. A bit of childish revenge perhaps?

Perhaps the reason Nick Clegg is derided so much by the other parties is because he is at last getting to the heart of the matter: Democratic reform. In both his questions today, Nick emphasised the need for reform across the board "from party funding to Whitehall secrecy" and, in particular, voting reform so that a government cannot be given such vast power by just a quarter of the people in an election.

Hat-tip to the tweeting @CaronmLindsay

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