Sunday, May 10, 2009

Corruption on a grand scale

Following the drip-drip thump-thump of revelations from the Telegraph's cottage industry of revealing expense claims, it is now time to call the use and/or abuse of the ACA (Additional Costs Allowance) what it is. It's corruption. To get paid for non-essential items and carry out systematic renovations and resales for personal profit, often without capital gains tax coming into play, is corruption.

MPs of all parties are implicated. In fact, every MP who has ever voted for or condoned the ACA system as it stands, is guilty. (Goodness knows what was going on before 2005 and thank goodness for the Freedom of Information act in bringing this all out).

The fact that this whole crooked system was legal and within the rules makes the whole thing more outrageous. Those who make the laws should apply the same rules for themselves. There has been a conspiracy by all MPs who have condoned or voted for this system over the years to produce a system which is quite simply corruption - legal corruption.

The whole edifice needs to be swept away and replaced by the same rules as the rest of us abide by - i.e subject to HMRC's normal rules on expenses and allowances. I would like to see government owned flats for MPs, like they have in Australia. (And if they don't like the artex ceilings they can stuff it.) Or at the very least, there should be use of rented flats or hotel rooms which are paid for on production of a receipt.

Update: I see I am in agreement with the Honourable member for Lewes.

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