Friday, January 4, 2008

How Newsround breaks sad news to kids

There was me earlier this week talking about how I watch telly with my child, then up crops this about Mark Speight (above). It was a bit of a shock to see him in the news. Normally I watch him on SMart, which is a sort of modern "Vision On". He is a brilliant artist and a fantastic entertainer.
Anyway, I did wonder how CBBC's Newsround would break the news of this to their young audience, him being arrested and all that. The script they use is, I guess, an object lesson in how to communicate with children on a sensitive subject:
CBBC star's girlfriend found dead
CBBC star Mark Speight is "absolutely distraught" after the death of his girlfriend on Thursday.
The SMart presenter was arrested in connection with her death but he said he had nothing to do with her dying.
He has been released by police and they say that once they've carried out further investigations they will talk to him again in February.
It's normal for police to question people when someone dies and they don't know the cause.
But it doesn't necessarily mean any crime has been committed.

His girlfriend, Natasha Collins, was found dead in the bathroom at their flat in London on Thursday. She was also a performer and presenter.
CBBC has cancelled Saturday's episode of SMart.
Mark has presented the show since 1995.

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