Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cheeky Girls "vetoed" from performing at LibDem black-tie event

The Telegraph Spy says that the Cheeky Girls were "vetoed" by LibDem HQ from appearing at a party black-tie event, for fear of 'offending female MPs'.

Whatever the real story is, the Cheeky Girls should have been vetoed on the grounds of being relatively talentless one hit wonders whose act is based on a feintly ludicrous initial idea. "We are the Cheeky Girls" raised the odd titter. But to imagine this can be stretched out to sustain a career is laughable. Their sort of "Carry On" nonsense is well past its sell-by date.

"The girls offered their services for free". I bet they did. They are so desperate to get work. It would have been worth about £20,000 in free publicity for them.

Lib Dem veto

Liberal Democrats attending the party's recent black tie ball were deprived of a special treat: a private performance by the Cheeky Girls, one of whom - should you have missed the past 50 issues of Hello! - is dating Lib Dem housing spokesman Lembit Opik.

Gabriela Irimia and her sister were apparently shunned by the party hierarchy. "The girls offered their services for free," reports Liberator, which is read by "liberal radicals" in the party. "

But organisers then found this vetoed by [Lib Dem HQ] Cowley Street on the grounds that female MPs would be offended."

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