Friday, January 4, 2008

News from Kenya

My Kenyan friend reports today:

Right now some parts of the country are at peace and calm.
It's not a pleasing moment nor experience to see people killing others and doing all sorts of filthy and dirty stuff. No one is superior nor inferior than the other...

One of the few glimmers of hope from the last few days has been the visit of Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Nairobi:

Archbishop Tutu met Mr Odinga first and then had a three hour meeting with Mr Kibaki. The archbishop said he had found Mr Kibaki "not averse" to the formation of coalitions but insisting that there had to be acceptance that there is a governing authority in the country.
The archbishop said both sides were still putting conditions.
"But I think there is this eagerness," he added.

Mike Wooldridge on BBC Online reports on the various options for moving forward.

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