Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cameron lambasted for school choice and cycling habits

I'm getting worried about myself. I am starting to enjoy regular Sunday pleasure from seeing the foam form on Peter Hitchens' mouth in the Mail on Sunday. This week it is particularly pleasurable because he lays into David Cameron for his choice of school for his daughter and for cycling through a red light:

That strange man in Tory HQ, David Cameron, has spoken up in favour of the wanglers, the parents who use Blair-style methods to get their children into oversubscribed good State schools.

This survival-of-the-fittest nastiness is particularly slimy when it comes from a man who refuses to countenance selection on merit. It is also self-serving.

...Mr Cameron last week rode his bike through a red light at a pelican crossing, was rightly told off by a pedestrian and responded with an arrogant dismissal followed by a Railtrack-style 'I'm sorry if' non-apology.

Most of the media didn't mention it. It's the second time he's been caught doing this. I think it says quite a lot about him.

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