Thursday, January 17, 2008

Liam Fox's squirming gets a laugh from QT audience

First laugh of Question Time was for Liam Fox's squirming remark that the "half a million undeclared by George Osbourne" is "not the same thing at all" as the Hain imbroglio. "Pot", "Kettle", "black" was mentioned by a subsequent audience member.

Chris Huhne is doing fantastically well on Northern Rock.

The Tories have two representatives on the panel, while we are lucky to get one most weeks.

The young Tory PPC, Louise Bagshaw, sounds articulate but is far too pat.

Jacqui Smith is doing very well at laying into Fox. Fox is making a whore's drawers of Northern Rock.

Liberal Democrat Voice has an open thread on the programme.

Chris Huhne was also very good at taking Jacqui Smith to task on recent offences when on bail and associated matters.

Chris was also excellent on police pay. Liam Fox appeared not to go unequivocally for 2.5%, while Louise Bagshaw was all for it - so a bit of a split in the Tory ranks on that one.

Liam Fox landed himself up to his elbows in manure when he answered a question about Barack Obama. He said that British politicians should not state preferences for candidates in the US presidential race. Dimbleby then read out an effusively enthusiastic quote about Obama from one David Cameron. Poor old Foxy. Not his night.

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