Friday, January 25, 2008

Turning children into political footballs

Couldn't we draw a line at 11 years old and at least ignore what politicians are doing with their children, regarding schooling, before that age?

I squirmed as Nick Clegg felt compelled by David Dimbleby (on Question Time during the leadership election) to describe the schooling of his very small children. It sounded awful, the poor fellow having to say to what sort of establishment these little tots go.

Now we have the schooling decision of David Cameron and his wife for their four year old daughter splashed over the Daily Mail. It's not on. So what if DC and his wife were choosy? If the school in question accepted the child - what is the problem?

It is, frankly, disgusting to drag children, who are barely out of nappies, into a debate which is fairly pointless anyway. And I hope that David Cameron's comments about parents and schools earlier this week weren't cynically designed by him to draw attention to all this!

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