Friday, January 18, 2008

John Bercow ripped to shreds

Simon Carr rips poor old John Bercow to shreds in today's Independent:

They're doing that Tory noise again. Yesterday, it sounded stupider than ever, like animal indigestion. Some midsize farm animal has eaten unwisely. It's not what you expect in Parliament, especially when it's to satirise or deprecate their own side. I've asked around a bit. The finger has rested on... Bercow.

Carr then goes on to explain that the farmyard noise is actually Bercow taking a pop at his own side. He describes Bercow's career as going nowhere and scathingly critiques his speaking style.

I think I prefer Simon Hoggart's gentler and more humourous sketches - they are a lot more effective than Carr's overt knifings.

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