Monday, January 28, 2008

Where is David Cameron's moral compass?

James Graham has quite rightly contrasted the Alan Johnson donor furore with the case of Derek Conway. I also note that Duncan Borrowman has written to Scotland Yard to investigate the latter MP.

Having worked tangentially with a series of parliamentary researchers, there is one thing that stands out.

Parliamentary researchers send a lot of emails to a lot of people. They answer queries, draft speeches, ask questions and, for that matter, chat about their work. And all of it is normally done via email.

So, if any parliamentary researcher wants to demonstrate their workload, all they have to do is do dump of their email account. Failing that, those with whom they corresponded regularly should easily be able to produce copies of emails from the researcher in question.

So the fact that the House of Commons Standards and Privileges Committee stated that "no records appear to exist of either actual work that FC (Freddie Conway) did for his father, or the work he was required to undertake…no-one outside of the Conway family was aware of the work" is astonishing.

Come off it. It doesn't happen. Researchers are talking to people and emailing people all the time. It is what they do!

I heard Derek Conway on the radio saying words to the effect that he regretted the administrative shortcomings which meant that he was unable to prove all the work his son had been doing.

Ah yes. In the same way that I can't prove that I just saw a pig flying past my window!

This is crying out for a police investigation and I'd like to know where David Cameron's moral compass is on this one. Where is the sanction of the Conservative party against Derek Conway?

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