Saturday, January 19, 2008

Conservative Home pass favourable verdict on Nick Clegg's first month

Tim Montgomerie on Conservative Home reflects positively about Nick Clegg's first month as leader:

Team Clegg: His top team is a strong one. Not as strong as ours (!) but stronger than Brown's. Vince Cable at the Treasury continues to win considerable publicity on Northern Rock - more than George Osborne. Home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne was assured on BBC1's Question Time last night (on which Louise Bagshawe did very well). And Ed Davey will be a safe pair of hands at Foreign affairs.

PMQs: He's done okay at PMQs - choosing safe topics - neither making a big impression but neither flopping in the ways that so damaged Ming.

Policy direction: Last week's speech on the public services (watch highlights here) - Clegg's first big speech as leader - was well received by some conservative commentators, including Matthew d'Ancona. MdA described the speech as "impressive" and "robust"; "this was Clegg back to his formidable best". Clegg has also promised to look at Britain's Constitution and attacked Cameron's support for marriage.

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