Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alan Johnson donation - yes, it is a damp squib!

Tinkering around at midnight last night, I thought I was going out on a bit of a limb by describing the media story about the Alan Johnson donation as a "damp squib".

I am delighted beyond measure to see my early doors judgment supported by the vociferous Mr Whenman and Liberal Action.

There's a clip here of Johnson stating the position on Sky News. His team checked and declared the donation as per the rules. They checked the man was on the electoral register, as they are required to do. They checked he was a member of the Labour party - which they were not required to do. They declared the donation in time. And they even reminded the Electoral Commission when the donation did not appear on their website in time.

What the heck else were they meant to do? Go to the man's house and interview him and keep a webcam in his living room to record conversations between him and his brother?

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