Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Tories on crime - some confusion....

One could be forgiven for wondering where the Tories stand on crime these days. The BBC reports:

Shadow minister Nigel Waterson has been questioned by police after allegations he assaulted two teenage children. The MP for Eastbourne, was arrested after an incident at an address in Bromley, London, on Sunday. The Tory MP is understood to have called the police himself to report an assault. He was held for nearly 13 hours before being released on bail.

The Telegraph reports that Mr Waterson allegedly assaulted his own teenage children. A police spokesman is quoted as saying: "Detectives from the Child Abuse Investigation Command (SCD5) are investigating."

This is all very confusing when read in conjunction with the words of Mr Waterson's Annual Report in Autumn 2007:

MP on the beat
Nigel has always campaigned for tougher measures to deter crime and antisocial behaviour. Violent crime has been rising recently; and Nigel supports proposals to cut red tape for the police, minimum sentences, an end to the early release of prisoners and building more prisons. “Recent tragic cases show that we need to address the problems of gun crime, alcohol abuse, lack of discipline in schools and family breakdown.”

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