Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When office romances go right

For my sins, I am on BBC Radio Berkshire's list of "gobs on the phone" and in that capacity was phoned today by the highly efficient Susanne Courtenay (in her produceurial role rather than as Andrew Peach's sidekick). Was ours (i.e my nearest and dearest and mine) a office romance? she asked excitedly. Yes, indeedy. So I was on at 1.10pm to kick off the debate about said romances what with Phillip and Kate canoodling on The Apprentice tonight and all.

You can hear said contribution here starting at 06:50 for the next seven days .

Normally I "do it" with the charming presenter Nicki Whiteman, so this was my first time with the equally charming Sarah Walker.

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