Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The view from Kenya

I have a Kenyan friend with whom I have corresponded for over three years by email. He writes about the current situation:

The election is over but the result was nothing else but hell. Even the blind can tell where the truth is. With full of confidence,without fear or doubt the winner of this general election was Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga. There is an open evidence to the matter.But things were done in an abnormal way.

...there is too much violence here in town, all local medias has been authorised not to announce or show any pictures of what is going aroundnd here countrywide.

Following David Steel's early denouncement of the result, international pressure has increased:

Kenya's presidential poll was "flawed" and "fell short of international standards", EU election monitors have said in an interim report on the poll. Chief European Union monitor Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said the tallying process "lacked credibility". Four Kenyan election commissioners have also expressed unease at the result.

The changing of the results has been blatant:

EU observers say they heard the voting figures being announced in Molo itself, but when the same results were announced again in Nairobi, the number of votes for Mr Kibaki was significantly higher - by 25,000.

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