Tuesday, January 1, 2008

J.K.Rowling's passion for the disadvantaged

There was nothing really on the telly the other night and my family were out, so I settled down to watch "J.K.Rowling - A year in the life" as a sort of televisual polyfilla while further attacking our tin of "Celebrations".

"What's she got to promote ?" and "She must have an expensive PR" and "Is she trying to touch up her image ?" were the thoughts that sprang to mind when it began.

But I was blown away by the programme. J.K.Rowling is an exceptional woman. To go from being a single mother in a flat in Leith to someone who doesn't go to Hollywood "Hollywood comes to her" - is truly remarkable.

But the bit which impressed me was that she obviously does have a genuine passion to improve the lot of the disadvantaged, particularly lone mothers with children. Part of her charitable trust is dedicated to them. But you could see from the tears that she shed when returning to her flat, and the words she said there, that she has a real passion which reflects on her really tough journey.

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