Monday, January 7, 2008

Is Hilary toast?

Goodness knows. She has enough dosh to take her to Super Duper Tuesday but Reuters Zogby has Obama "rocketing" past her by ten points.

Obama talks about change. This is credible as far as personel is concerned - electing him would mean that the Oval Office contains a President from outside two families for the first time in an incredible 19 years. It is not entirely clear what it would mean in policy terms, but nobody seems to be worried about that much!

Hilary on the other hand talks about "doing rather talking", in a undisguised jibe at Obama. But what has she done? It's her husband who has most of the experience. And I notice that when she talks about experience, suddenly she becomes "we". She's been a Senator. In charge of nothing. And electing her would mean those two families having a continuous hold on the Oval Office for 23 years!

So Obama has got the real cry which is inspiring people. Hilary seems to be falling flat and developing an accentuated double chin in the process, which presumably doesn't help in a telegenic-style US campaign.

Bill Bryson's description of New Hampshire has always stayed in my mind. Miles and miles of forest, doors left unlocked and an odd but indicative state motto of "LIVE FREE OR DIE". So they are independent minded. I suspect this suits McCain on the Republican side.

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