Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Times: Tory Blogs are "dowdy and self-regarding"

A hornet's nest has been stirred up on Iain Dale's Diary. Glory be! Tom Baldwin (a journalist I remember well from his days as a rookie on the Newbury Weekly News when, perhaps apocryphally, the editor had to stand over him as he washed himself in the lavatories due to his (Baldwin's) hygeine habits still being a bit student-esque!) has written this (in an article on the US Presidential campaign and the internet, which is well worth reading):

The political internet in Britain is less developed, populated as often asnot by self-regarding or dowdy websites run by Tories like Tim Montgomerie and Iain Dale – a function perhaps of the oppositional nature of the web.

Imagine the response! Iain is in fine bitch-slapping mode:

So, that's left me wondering if Tim and I are self regarding, dowdy or both. Either is better than being a **** ******* I suppose. Note how Baldwin uses the word "Tories" in a subliminally pejorative manner. It's what we have come to expect from the man who for years used to regurgitate Alastair Campbell's vomit in what is supposed to be the "paper of record".
Shall I put that saucer of milk away now?

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