Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Explosive" and "dangerous" spin onslaught by Brown

BBC1 is promising an "explosive" interview with Gordon Brown on Sunday AM tomorrow. Baked beans for breakfast perhaps?

And the Observer reports that Gordon Brown has a vision for a "dangerous" year ahead:

Gordon Brown today issues a powerful declaration that 2008 will decide the fate of his premiership as he pledges to push through a series of controversial decisions that will shape Britain for decades to come.

So, there seems to be a major spin offensive afoot from the Brown camp. However, when you examine the specifics of Brown's "dangerous year" vision, it becomes a little deja vuish.

The "dangerous" bits which he is going to "push through" are:

· a strong indication that the government will give the go-ahead to a new generation of nuclear power stations, possibly as early as Tuesday when John Hutton, the Business Secretary, addresses MPs;

· a warning that conservationists can expect a battle as Brown ploughs on with planning changes to meet his target of building three million houses;

· a declaration that major infrastructure projects will be given the green light despite environmental objections.

The latter seems to imply more airports and/or airport extensions.

It is all sickeningly familiar. Rather than a sort of radical/dangerous agenda which is personal to Gordon Brown, this really does seem like the confirmation of things which Blair planned but didn't get round to finishing off. Gordon Brown said after his non-election that he wanted to set out his "vision" for Britain. But all he seems to be doing is sweeping up after Tony Blair.

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