Monday, June 16, 2008

Why has Cameron chosen Alan Duncan as the man to prove the Tories are green ?

If David Cameron wanted to show us that he might be serious on green issues, perhaps it would have been a good idea not to do it standing next to Alan "Mr Oil" Duncan.

Mr Duncan's register of interests shows him as "Owner of Harcourt Consultants advisers on oil and gas matters" and as a guest of the Sultan of Oman. Also, he owes his considerable wealth to a career in the oil industry starting with Royal Dutch Shell.

If Cameron wants to show us how green/blue/torquoise he is, I can think of hundreds of other people who would be better to have sitting next to him at the press conference. Mr Cameron is asking Duncan to call the government to account on Marine Renewables. A strange choice.

I am willing to give the guy a break and see how he does. But it is not an auspicious start for Cameron's green re-launch.

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