Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cameron's "worst yet" PMQs performance

I don't watch Prime Minister's Questions. I've got a life and all that. So many thanks to Stephen Tall on LibDem Voice for supplying this little nugget from this week's PMQs:

...the last couple of weeks have seen surprisingly weak performances from David Cameron, who has perhaps been more discomfited by David Davis’s resignation than he would care to admit. Tories may claim this is some cunning attempt to keep Gordon Brown in Number 10: they wish. He seems to have been knocked off his stride, and it’s not gone unnoticed.

Politics Home is a new one on me - run by Shakepeare's sister apparently. They described this week's Cameron PMQ performance as his "worst...yet" and say that Brown has entered a "purple patch" fo PMQ-ery. Clegg did better than Cameron this week, according to their panel.

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