Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If Cameron was PM, would he be in any less brown stuff than Brown?

One wonders whether, if there were a Conservative government, they would be in any less trouble than this Labour government. Yes, there would be a honeymoon period, but if Cameron was now a post-honeymoon Prime Minister, the press would be all over him like a rash with headlines about disaster, gaffes and sleaze just from the stuff that has happened in or to the Conservative party recently (but which has received sotto voce press coverage because they are not in government). I am talking about:

-Serial sleaze stories with five shadow cabinet members and three Conservative MEPs facing allegations

-Cameron's complete cock-up in announcing legal action over Boris' photo at 8am, only for the threat to be withdrawn 8 hours later. A major error of judgment, I'd say.

-Conservative politician race remarks issues - with the rate of these now increasing from one a week to two a week, with Boris' adviser sacked yesterday and Philip Lardner suspended as a candidate today.

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