Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama's VP choice: Step forward Al Gore - the man of the hour!?

Thanks to On Liberty Now I have now, perhaps obsessively, topped up my betting on the Democratic Vice-Presidential choice. I had already bet, albeit modestly, on Sam Nunn and Bill Richardson.

But On Liberty Now highlighted the possibility of Al Gore, which sent me running to Paddy Power, tenner in hand:

The CNN Political ticker is reporting that a member of the Democratic Congressional Black Caucus offered the names of John Edwards and Sam Nunn as her preference for Obama’s Vice Presidential candidate and was told that they were both already on the list. This is interesting because as I previously blogged, Edwards had ruled himself out of running again.

Perhaps even more surprisingly (and here I have to apologise to a commenter on my previous entry). When the same Congresswoman – Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, mentioned Al Gore as a preference the two members of Obama’s Vice Presidential screening team ‘smiled’.

A smile eh? Of such things vast betting spikes are made... It all fell into place. He's got the gravitas, the huge experience, the vast popularity, the Southern Drawl! He's oldish. A VP choice made in heaven! I had never considered that he could be "arsed" to do it. But I can see it now. With a bit of persuasion and positive stroking....

Obama - Gore

Cor blimey what a ticket! Just imagining it is the the most fun a political anorak gets without taking his or her clothes off.

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