Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hillary - one hell of a speech

I've just been watching Hillary Clinton's concession speech from Washington. It was a hell of a speech. Short of streaking down Pennsylvania Avenue with "I love Obama" written on her back, I don't think she could have been expected to say or do anything more to fulsomely throw all her support behind Barack Obama.

She categorically endorsed him and said she would "work her heart out" for him. She mentioned his name many times and made a very convincing argument for her and her supporters to work extremely hard for an Obama victory.

Admittedly, in the first half of the speech, her endorsement seemed rather stern-faced. She lit up whenever she mentioned the 18 million people who voted for her and when she mentioned that her husband had been one of only two Democrat Presidents in the last (nearly) forty years, but the endorsement of Obama was rather solemn and almost mechanical. She also gave a remarkable sub-speech about women in politics.

But at the end of the speech, she lowered her voice and, almost sotto-voce, underlined her reasoning for all her supporters to support Obama to get a Democrat elected President.

It was that ending which I think turned this into a fantastic speech and I really can't see what more she could have done to unite the Democrat party behind Obama.

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