Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to waste time in an election campaign - BIG TIME

How to waste time in an election campaign, brought to us by your ever-resourceful Conservative party:

1. Spend an awful lot of time huffing and puffing, phoning round, sending letters, getting lawyers involved and generally getting out of your tree about opposition leaflets. Get your leader to go on the radio in the neighbouring county (why bother with the actual radio station which covers the constituency ?- that would be far too targetted a use of resources) announcing legal action, set deadlines for high noon writs etc etc

2. Then spend an awful lot of time rowing back after realising that you haven't got a leg to stand on.

3. To save face, keep one of the legal actions live with the lawyers.

4. Hey - why send out volunteers delivering leaflets? That's a stupid waste of time. Send your volunteers out to photograph members of the opposition party delivering leaflets. That's a much better use of their time.

5. Suddenly realise you could be accused of hypocrisy and spend an awful lot of money doing an emergency print run of green stickers and then get all your volunteers staying up all night sticking them on thousands of leaflets.


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