Monday, June 23, 2008

Are Tory bloggers embarrassed by Cameron's Henley legal spasms ?

I only ask because, while there was a robust response from LibDem bloggers decrying the stupidity of Camerons legal shenanigans last Friday, the Tory blogosphere has been remarkably silent. I can only find two right-wing blogs making any comment about it on

1. A view from Middle England by Arden Forester says that it was an "own goal with golden boots on".

2. While there was the usual blue-rinsed shrieking on Conservative Home, The Spectator's Coffee House blog was the only blog voice with any sympathy for Cameron's tactics. They seemed to swallow the whole thing hook, line and sinker. They made this interesting observation:

One thing to look out for is whether this damages Tory-Lib Dem relations in the House. That largely depends on whether Nick Clegg distances himself from the Henley campaign. If he does - and I suspect he will - then don't expect too much fall-out.

Ah yes, Nick Clegg is really distancing himself from the campaign isn't he? The BBC reports today that "Mr on his seventh visit to the constituency". Some distance.

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