Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ken Livingstone losing it on You Tube

I was digging around You Tube the other day for Dead Ringers clips to enjoy at home. We are particularly hooked on those Kirsty Wark impressions, which have us in guaranteed hysterics:

Hello and welcome to Newsnight with me, Kirsty Wark. I can be blue, I can be brown, I can be anything you want me to be. More on that story later.

....Gets us every time. Anyway, while searching, I found this classic - below. I know it's a bit 'old newsy' now, but I enjoyed it.

It's Ken Livingstone losing it over the Lee Jasper thing, while being questioned by the London Assembly.

What is exceptional about the clip is Sally Hamwee, who is in the the chair and tries to get Ken to shut up. You couldn't imagine a more even-tempered and conciliatory chair than Sally Hamwee. Her reasonableness adds an extra element of bizarreness to Ken's behaviour.

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