Monday, June 16, 2008

Simon Hoggart declared wrong on wind turbines by his own newspaper

The other day, the Guardian's Simon Hoggart had a rant against wind turbines which included this line:

...since they have to be turning all the time to prevent seizing up, they have to draw on the grid, so much of the time they are actually wasting power

I am pleased to say that the official voice of Simon's own newspaper, through its Corrections and Clarifications column, has now confirmed that this is a complete myth:

Wind turbines do not have to draw from the power grid to keep from seizing up when there is no wind (Wedding bells and marriage hell, page 22, May 17).
Those of us who regularly drive past the UK's most visible wind turbine at junction 11 on the M4 (above), already knew this. Occasionally (not very often) it is static.
I note in passing that occasionally the Junction 11 turbine is referred to as "Windy Miller's".

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