Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Henley: Withering criticism of Tory "lies"

ThameNews.net carries some extraordinarily strong words directed at David Cameron from the Green candidate at the Henley by-election, Mark Stevenson:

"You may remember how our campaigns (in the 2001 Witney general election) coincided on several occasions, how we had a number of conversations and even joined for lunch at a country pub. I remember being impressed by your evident desire to take green politics seriously, I also remember being impressed by the way in which you sought common ground and to build on it"

Mark goes on to express his concerns about the Conservative campaign tactics in the run-up to the Henley by-election:

". . . a Party that deliberately engenders misinformation for its own advantage is a Party that lies; a Party that lies to the public is not fit for government. It is certainly not a Party that embodies the values that I remember you held in 2001."

Mark Pack covered a related ThameNews.net story here on Liberal Democrat Voice earlier.

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