Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday papers: 1-2-3-4 - yes, four sleaze allegations for the Tories and Aunty Val isn't a lesbian

The Sunday Telegraph reports more sleaze allegations for the Tories, this time centred around Liam Fox:

David Cameron has become embroiled in a new funding row after the Conservatives admitted they had failed to register large donations properly.

The admission came after the Electoral Commission confirmed that for the second time this year it was investigating the failure of the party to provide a full record of money donated to run a shadow minister's office.

The latest failure involves donations to Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, and comes five months after the Tories were censured for failing properly to declare money given to the office of George Osborne, the shadow chancellor.

Peter Oborne makes allegations concerning Alan Duncan and the alleged matter of whether or not he declared a directorship and alleged business connections with Serbia. This was mentioned on Sunday AM when Alan Duncan dismissed and denied both allegations. If you can find Oborne's article on the internet, you're a better man/woman than me, Gunga Din (I just did such a deep drill for it - without sucess - that I almost struck oil).

In the Mail, there is a report about Jacqui Lait and some remarkable expenses gymnastics:

A leading Tory MP has claimed more than £100,000 in ‘second home allowances’ – despite representing a seat just 35 minutes’ drive from Westminster.

Jacqui Lait, Shadow Planning Minister, represents Beckenham, Kent, just nine miles from Parliament.

But by nominating a £1.5million Sussex farmhouse as her main home she has been able to claim up to £19,000 under MPs’ Additional Costs Allowance.

Also in the Mail there is yet another story about those Wintertons:

Husband and wife Tory MPs Nicholas and Ann Winterton faced fresh controversy last night after it was revealed that they have received thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money to run the burglar alarm at their luxury farmhouse home in Cheshire.

Sir Nicholas and his wife were given security protection 20 years ago when some

Conservative MPs were considered to be at risk from the IRA.

But they have carried on claiming the cash – even for part of their electricity bill to run the alarm – despite attempts by security chiefs to withdraw such assistance on the grounds that it is no longer justified.

Oh, and the other highlight of today's press is the confirmation from Aunty Val herself that she is NOT a lesbian. All this stuff about her and Joan Armatrading is a "lie" and originated from her going to bed with a male member of Joan Armatrading's backing band. It's all in the Mail on Sunday.

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