Saturday, June 7, 2008

Northern Ireland Health chairman: 'Gays can be "turned" by psychiatry'

Oh dear me.

Iris Robinson is rapidly turning into my bête noire. I blogged the other day about her arguably bigotted, and certainly angry, intervention in the Commons debate on lesbians applying for IVF treatment.

She's only chair of Stormount's Health committee and now she says that gay people can be "turned" from "what they are engaged in" towards hetrosexuality, through seeing a nice Christian psychiatrist who works with her.

"What they are engaged in". That says it all doesn't it? Take the last two words off that sentence and you have the actual truth (with which, no doubt, Mrs Robinson would angrily disagree): "What they are".

In a statement the Royal College of Psychiatrists said that homosexuality was not a psychiatric disorder.

Very restrained. One wonders if Mrs Robinson is really qualified to chair the province's health committee.

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