Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Grade A hypocrisy" from Tory Henley candidate

John Howell's biography on the web site of WriteAngle PR

Interesting. The Conservative candidate in Henley, John "Biggins" Howell, has been voicing off about protecting the countryside but now it transpires he earns money as "a consultant to the management team of Dialogue, a leading communications firm in the planning sector, and to Savills Hepher Dixon where he also provides communications and political lobbying consultancy on large and contentious land and property developments".
I notice that the motto of WriteAnglePR, for whom Mr Howell works, is "The art of persuasion". The firm's site boasts to potential clients, including company's interested in pursuing "large and contentious land and property developments":
Our brand of communications is all about persuasion … to your way of thinking.
It seems that Mr Howell is certainly taking the "art of persuasion" to a whole new level....

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