Monday, June 16, 2008

Davis: "Libertarianism" that is extremely narrow

Stephen Tall pointed out yesterday that David Davis has been an enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty. Jo Anglezarke reminds us that he opposed the Human Rights Act. I also note that his solution to the Burma-cyclone crisis was:

Invade the country, shoot the generals, feed the people

Today, Ben Bradshaw points out Davis' far from libertarian approach to equal rights:

The notion that David Davis is a libertarian will provoke hollow laughter from Britain's gays and lesbians. Davis has opposed every freedom extended to gay and lesbian people, from the freedom to register one's partnership to the freedom to serve one's country. He has one of the worst voting records in the Commons on such matters. Like most Conservatives, Davis is very selective about whose liberties are worthy of support. He supports greater rights for suspected terrorists but not extending basic freedoms to peaceful and law-abiding gay and lesbian people.

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