Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fight hard at Henley and forget Haltemprice and Howden

I have just paid my 8th visit to Henley and I am pleased to say we are going great guns on the literature front. There is a new Blue leaflet asking who electors would prefer to look after the beautiful local countryside. After last week's revelation, I think we know the answer.

Please help the Henley team if you can - details are here.

Andrew Rawnsley writes very well about David Davis here. I don't doubt that, whatever you think about Davis' personality, he has genuinely strong views on civil liberties, although he is not a liberal - as Stephen Tall points out very well.

He is standing as what could be described as an independent Conservative, or at least as a candidate for Haltemprice and Howden Conservatives, as opposed to the national Conservative party, who are not funding him.

His standing shows up the vacuity of Cameron's nice and caring Conservative party. As Rawnsley points out, Davis is instinctively liberatarian, while Cameron and his shadow cabinet colleagues tend towards the authoritarian, despite what they say.

So the reason we shouldn't stand in Haltemprice and Howden (because we agree with Davis' stated, albeit narrow, civil liberties agenda) is the very reason we should fight damned hard at Henley (because we want to highlight the vacuum within Cameron's Conservative party which Davis' resignation has underlined).

I note, by the way, that according to the paper review on News24 this morning, Rupert Murdoch says he will not be backing Kelvin MacKenzie as a candidate at H&H.

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