Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When is a "dog whistle" not a "dog whistle" ? (2)

Try this little comparison. Speech One, according to Tory Spin Central is a "dog whistle" speech. Speech Two, TSC says, is not a "dog whistle" speech.

Any help in understanding the distinction would be very gratefully received.

I have cut and pasted a couple of little quotes from each speech and a link to the full text in each case.

Speech One

Firm but fair immigration controls are essential for good community relations, national security and the effective management of public services.

Michael Howard January 24th 2005

Speech Two

It is time for change. We need policy to reduce the level of net immigration....So these are concrete steps that we will take to control immigration directly. An annual limit on non-EU economic migration, enforced by a new Border Police Force. Transitional controls for new EU entrants. And changes to the rules on marriages across national boundaries.

David Cameron October 29th 2007

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