Thursday, October 18, 2007

Could you give us a little more time, Paddy?

While it is always good to read an article by the Padster, it would be nice to have a little more time for candidates to assemble themselves, and for a little quiet reflection, and a little more, perhaps, "brain in neutral" time before we start to get the great and good acting as railway guards to shepherd us down one particular railway line.

So the party's next leader needs not only to be a skilful communicator who can make the Liberal message relevant to the modern age, but also to possess the intellect and the vision needed to develop and define that message. They then need the skill, the energy and the burning ambition necessary to take the party, and the country, with them.

There is only one person, in my judgment, who displays all these qualities. That person is Nick Clegg. It is well known that he has an extraordinary ability to communicate. In an age of 24-hour media attention, that is obviously important. What is perhaps less well-known - for now - is that he is also a man of real substance and conviction.

Yes, all good stuff Paddy. But give us a chance for the dog to see the rabbit, mate!

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