Friday, October 5, 2007

Cameron's unscripted remarks - writer takes a bow

Kevin Maguire in the Daily Mirror is on the trail of the writer of Cameron's "unscripted" speech:

If David Cameron's audition to be a cable TV daytime host was unscripted, a line swallowed by many newspapers and broadcasters, can anyone explain why the "speech writer" was last night having his hand shaken by fellow Tories?

A lawyer acquaintance waiting in a Euston station taxi queue at about 7.45 watched as a well spoken man enjoyed the plaudits of fellow Cons fresh off the train from Blackpool.

Anyone know him? He looked in his 30s, fairish hair, dark suit. chequed shirt and a tie with an emblem or motif from a university or club.

Reading a London Evening Standard headline hailing "1 hour 10 mins without a script", he laughed and claimed he wrote the address before boasting "they believe he extemporised!" Another Tory laughed too then grabbed his hand before saying: "Seriously though, great speech. Congratulations."

That Cameron somehow made it up as he went along, apart from a few notes, is the best piece of spin for years.

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