Friday, October 5, 2007

BNP: Holocaust school trips are "discriminatory and racist"

The BNP deserves some sort of biscuit for this article on their website criticising secondary school trips to sites of the Holocaust in Poland. The BNP says this is "discriminatory and racist":

Further to elevate just one of the many atrocities Man has inflicted on Man is in itself discriminatory and racist. Emphasis on the lessons to be learned from the horrors of the 1940s concentrates one peoples’ suffering and implies that only Europeans can be guilty of such atrocities. It is racist because it minimises or completely omits from the school curriculum the lessons to be learned from the massacres of Christians in Armenia, the butchering of Serbs in Kosovo, the slaying of Christians (including many of our own forebears) at the hands of Islamic pirates as well as the ongoing ethnic conflicts in Rwanda, Sudan and Burma.

Crikey. It takes quite a peculiar mind to come up with that line of argument.

Thanks to Jonathan Wood for highlighting this.

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