Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A hole in the sock market

For those of you who were wondering, the Ming sock thing seems to have started in the Times and continued via Kevin Maguire in the News Statesman (unless you know of an earlier reference).

Strictly speaking, the articles centred not on Ming's socks but on whether he wore what I believe are called "sock garters". I think there are still a few tailors who will supply such articles.

Anyway, it is fascinating that Gordon Brown's socks have also been the subject of earnest political articles both in the Guardian newsblog and via a (nearly) full page spread, complete with large photo, in one of the Sunday tabloids. The Daily Mirror and the Independent also covered the Brown sock story. Sock aficionados may like to note that this particular story focused on the fact that Gordon Brown paid £14 a pair for a batch of socks. Many will no doubt be reassured to learn that these were of "the thick, ribbed, long, comfy type". Well worth the money, then.

But I detect a vast gaping hole in this apparently thriving sock journalism market.

No one has yet written anything about David Cameron's socks! Surely there must be a young, ambitious journalist who is researching this very topic as we speak.

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