Thursday, October 18, 2007

Please give John Hemming a chance...and someone else!

With great dismay, I have viewed the disappearance from the field of many possible leadership candidates. I cannot think of anything more appalling than two middle-aged, middle class, public school-educated white men going around the country as apparent examples of the best the LibDems have to offer. (And before anyone complains, I was public school-educated so I think I am entitled to complain about over-representation of my consolidated alumnae).

It's a scandal. For goodness sake, wake up MPs and sign up at least one or two more candidates. It is dreadful that Susan Kramer didn't stand. She is such a great ambassador for the party - but then look at me, I didn't do anything to try to persuade her to stand, but then again there seemed to be a window of only some three nano-seconds between Ming's resignation and the whole thing closing down to two candidates. Blink and you missed it. (...and yes I know I talked about "a JFK or RFK" figure - I have should have added "or Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama figure" - many apologies).

I know he is another white, middle-aged etc etc, but can some MPs PLEASE PLEASE sign John Hemming's nomination?! The man has what is known as chutzpah or round spherical objects. (And he is a faithful blogger). Anyone who can include a plea for a proper debate on Deontology vs Consequentialism in his leadership positioning statement deserves a place on the hustings stand if only to keep up the good old liberal tradition of free thought.

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