Monday, October 8, 2007

School angrily denies Cameron's conference speech story

David Cameron told a story during his conference speech about a school boy who rushed past him on the way to an exam:

I stopped a boy as he was running in to his GCSE exam and I said 'What's the problem?'.
And he said 'Well, I got completely p****d last night, I've got a hangover and I'm going to flunk this exam'. I asked a teacher about him and I was told he'd attacked a teacher before and he trashed a classroom.

The school involved, Kingswood Art college, has now angrily denied Cameron's implied accusations:

Governors have denied the alleged violence ever took place and demanded an apology.
Anita Harrison said: "It is an appalling allegation, one he will come to regret. I've been a governor for five years and we hear about any serious breaches of discipline. It could not be more serious than attacking a teacher and trashing a classroom but nothing like that has happened." Fellow governor Ray Drayton added: "Nothing like this has ever come before the board."

Three questions:

What sort of numpty repeats what a kid bragged to him about to a national political conference?

What sort of gullible Daily Mail reading bunch of numpties actually believes such nonsense?

Is it really good manners to follow up a kind invitation to be a temporary non-teaching assistant by effectively trashing the school's reputation through the national media? (It must have been fairly obvious that the school's identity would get out).

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