Monday, October 15, 2007

Blair: Statesman or Poodle?

Every so often a little voice emerges speaking what seems to be overwhelming common sense.

John Dugard, UN Human Rights envoy in the Palestinian territories, was on Today this morning. He was basically saying that the UN's independence is being compromised by its membership of the Middle East "Quartet". This is due, he says, to the Quartet not sufficiently condemning the building of the Israeli Wall and supporting Fatah at the expense of Hamas. He says the Quartet is "heavily influenced" by the US.

One wonders where this leaves Tony Blair. His retirement role as Middle East envoy for the Quartet was meant to restore any reputation he might have once had as an independent international statesman. These comments from Mr Dugard suggest that Blair's role is really an extension of his career as George Bush's pet poodle.

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