Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bloody, bitter battle or that Horlicks moment?

Nick Robinson asks if the LibDem leadership contest will be "A bloody and bitter battle?"

To be fair, this is how he is summarising the prediction of "leading LibDems". (Ah, those "leading LibDems" again, they get everywhere).

It is unclear to what extent the rest of Robinson's post is supposed to answer the title question. He goes on to describe how Chris Huhne said that Ming had fallen "victim of the Camelot obsession" and that this was a dig, Nick Robinson seems to be implying, at Nick Clegg.

If this is meant to be an indication of a "bloody and bitter battle" to come, then pull up your armchairs, put on your slippers and swig down a large mug of Horlicks.

It could be a long night.

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