Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cameron: That's the way to do it!

The extent of David Cameron's complete U turn on virtually everything, in the last few months, has been absolutely breathtaking. He has spent the last two months completely contradicting, reneging or soft-pedalling on virtually everything he said and did in the first year he was Tory leader. Just take three examples:

-Teenagers - he went from "we have to show (them) a lot more love" in July 2006 to "hit them where it hurts" in August 2007

-Green issues - he went from hug-a-husky in April 2006 to not even mentioning green issues in his list of priorities in October 2007.

-Politics - he went from promising an end to "Punch and Judy politics" in December 2005 to "That's the way to do it" in October 2007.

With many thanks to Alan Beddow for his PMQ post, which was spot on.

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