Friday, October 26, 2007

Tories trying to have it both ways on the NHS

It was good to see Oliver Letwin in very rude health on BBC TV News last night. It would be going too far to describe his appearance as "florid" but it seemed to getting that way. He was captioned as the Conservative "head of policy" (I would be worried about that title if I were a Tory - it means he can prognosticate on anything and everything).

He was talking about the supposed "deep clean" of hospitals and complaining that the government will not be keeping a central record of the success or otherwise of the cleaning operations - they'll be leaving it up to the hospital trusts to manage the operations.

Hang on a minute. The Tories can't have it both ways. They are constantly telling us that there should be less centralised control of the NHS and more decisions taken at a local level, and then they complain about one of the few things that the government is leaving to local trusts to manage.

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