Friday, October 26, 2007

Support for Chris Huhne

I have now decided to support Chris Huhne for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats. I'd be very happy with both candidates as leader, but I am much more comfortable with Chris Huhne. My reasons are several:

1. Experience. I believe Chris Huhne has more experience of politics and the world outside politics. It follows that he is a safer bet for leading the party.

2. Media handling. I believe that Chris Huhne is more skilled at handing the media than Nick Clegg. This may sound surprising but from all reports, Nick Clegg on the World at One last Friday gave an example of how his media handling skills are not completely perfected. Chris Huhne on the other hand has given flawless media appearances whenever I have seen them.

3. Passion for liberalism. I have heard and watched both candidates speaking. Huhne comes across as the more passionate liberal. I do not warm to Nick Clegg as much. Chris Huhne has an innate passion for liberalism which I don't see in Nick Clegg as much.

4. Style. I prefer Chris Huhne's style. I think Nick Clegg's style seems somewhat manufactured and skin deep. He comes across as a bit of a clone.

In essence, I feel that Chris Huhne is most suited to lead the Liberal Democrats.

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