Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thank goodness - a difference on a policy that matters

Up until now the LibDem leadership contest could be called the "fag paper" election - it has been very difficult to put a fag paper between the two candidates on most issues and criteria.

Thank goodness we now have two major differences (one of emphasis) on matters of policy.

Duncan Borrowman points out that Chris Huhne (note please that I don't call him "Chris") has started putting real emphasis on the green agenda.

But the big difference which has emerged is on the totemic issue of Trident, as the Observer reports:

Liberal Democrat leadership contender Chris Huhne last night moved to seize the initiative from his front-running rival Nick Clegg by breaking with party policy on keeping Britain's Trident nuclear missiles.

Huhne told The Observer it would be 'ridiculous' to spend up to £15bn updating the ageing submarine-based nuclear arsenal, describing it as a Cold War relic. He also argued this would risk further tying Britain to American policies, something he suggested should be avoided in the wake of the Iraq war.

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