Monday, October 8, 2007

What about Cameron's lack of honesty?

I realise that David Cameron has just seen his job tenure suddenly extended by about two years, but I think he is going over the top with his "Brown isn't being honest with the British public" mantra. Why don't you be honest and say that the last thing you wanted, until about 2pm on Saturday, was an election, Monsieur Cameron?

I am aware that Grand Old Dukegate has revealed, or re-revealed, an odd weakness in Brown's character. He doesn't know when to say "stop". Despite dealing brilliantly, since he became PM, with the modern political equivalent of the Twelve Labours of Hercules (Foot and Mouth, Floods, Blue Tongue, Northern Rock etc) he is unable to sufficiently master the operation of the safety catch on his own elephant gun while it is carelessly directed at his foot.

Strange but true.

But hang on. What has actually happened? All that has happened is that he is not having an election which he didn't have to have, and which he never actually said he would have.

It's not Black Wednesday or enforced Devaluation of the Pound or the Three Day Week.

I just hope we can now have a period of discussion of policy. (Not personality - and certainly not the "Ming will be 69 at the next election" ageist nonsense - or polls nonsense (see Stephen Tall) - let's not forget that during Paddy's leadership our party technically had no support whatsoever in the country due to our poll rating being within the margin of error - 3%) .

Brown, we are told, is considering copying the Tories' inheritance tax idea. Why doesn't he try copying our much earlier inheritance tax idea, a threshold at £500,000, which is far fairer?

And while we are on tax, could someone somehow sneak out into the public domain the fact that one of the main political parties wants to reduce the standard rate of income tax to 16 pence in the pound? I think it is time that this best kept secret is brought to the attention of the great British public. I think they'll quite like the idea. It is the most radical tax proposal I have encountered in my lifetime.

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