Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Battle of the Top Tips

A commenter signing themselves "A Royal Mail manager" has left this comment on one of my election fever posts:

Top Tip. The Election Date Will Be Announced During Prime Ministers Questions Next Week. The Date WILL Be November 1st 2007. The Royal Mail Has Been Tipped Off Because They Deliver All The Election Material & Of Course Polling Cards. The Royal Mail As You Will Also Be Aware Is In Talks To Prevent Continued Industrial Action Over The Next Two Weeks. Should This Industrial Action Continue Into November Then No Election Can Take Place. Therefore Watch Out For A Settlement Between The CWU And Royal Mail Management Shortly.
A Royal Mail Manager.

To allow 17 working days, the statutory period, between asking HM Queen to dissolve parliament and polling day, Gordon Brown would have to go to the Palace early on Tuesday 8th October, at the latest, for a November 1st polling day. Prime Minister's Questions are normally on Wednesdays.

LibDem Voice gives a top tip that the election will be called tomorrow for November 1st.

Things are turning out to be a battle of the top tips at the moment.

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