Friday, December 7, 2007

The "obsession" with what Gerald Kaufman MP wears has gone too far, apparently

Gerald Kaufman MP has a letter in the Guardian today. I think it comes up the heading of "Letters which, if you showed it to your best friend before you sent it, they would have said: 'Don't bother to send it' "

Simon Hoggart's obsession with what I wear is beginning to display disturbingly fetishistic tendencies. His latest description of my clothes (Sketch, December 5) worryingly demonstrates that he requires urgent assistance not only from a psychiatrist but from an optometrist. He writes that my suit was puce and my socks lavender. Both in fact were brown. My shirt was not gingham, as he says, but cotton. As for Hoggart's own clothes, it really is time that you hiked his pay so that he can afford something other than his present Oxfam rejects. Or are his outfits what the stylists call retro?

I imagine this will brighten up Simon Hoggart's day.

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